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Karting Spares Expires: 20/02/2018
Kart Rotax Max Exhaust Wadding And Baffle Set - 16.50 inc free postage

check out my other karting items £25 plus free shipping

Kart Seat Stay x2 angled 290mm Long tip to tip x1 straight Measurement - Brand New
check out my other karting items £12 free shipping

Kart Brake Disc Protector MSA 2009 Fits Gillard Rotax Karting £22 free shipping

TonyKart / OTK Rear Axle Bearing 50mm x 80mm x3
£35 free shipping

x2 Gillard Genuine stub axles RH LH Rotax Max x30 tkm set 2
These are brand new unused however they have some marks from being stored in the van.
£85 free shipping

Rotax Karting Sprockets x4 - 11,12,13 toothed As new (I dont think theyve ever been used), kept as spares just in case the usual belts and braces approach £28 free shipping

Like New x3 Rotax Max Clutch Drums with attached 12, 13, 14 Toothed Sprockets plus 11 toothed sprocket spare £135 Free Shipping

Dellorto Carb (2011) for 125cc Kart Minimax engine Great racing carb £105 Free Shipping

Karting scissor action Tyre Tool - the best available quick tyre change tool. £50 free shipping

BRAND NEW Mojo Wet Tyres on Black JET Rims (F)(used twice) Minimax Rims **(stored inside)** Slight scuff to outer rims, like new. BRAND NEW WET Tyres perfect for winter practice or stock for the new race season. £210

125cc Minimax race exhaust, always oiled to keep it in top condition. Perfect for a new karter or as a spare to your race setup. £80

Douglas SE full mag Karting Rims with used Mojo minimax slicks in tyre bag (B) Tyres and Rims always stored in the house to protect the rubber. Great rims, scuffs to outer rims the tyres are used but still great for loads of practice laps! £100

Douglas SE full mag Karting Rims (like New) with used Mojo minimax slicks in tyre bag (C) Tyres and Rims always stored in the house to protect the rubber.Great rims, barely used, no damage to outer rims, like new. Slick Tyres still great for practice laps around Larkhall or Crail. £120

OTK Gold Rims (USED) with used Minimax Mojo Tyres (Tyres still have plenty in them for practice) (D)
Tyres and Rims always stored in the house to protect the rubber. Great rims, still hard to get hold of. Scuffed but still the best rims we have.
Used MOJO Tyres perfect for race practice or just weekend fun - £110

BRAND NEW UNUSED Mojo Wet Tyres (Minimax) (E) Still in Supplied Race bag Tyres always stored in the house to protect the rubber. £135

Almost NEW Minimax Jet Rims (like New) with 39 lap used Mojo WETS in tyre bag (A) Tyres and Rims always stored in the house to protect the rubber. Great rims, barely used, no major damage or scuffs to outer rims, like new. Health forces sale. WET Tyres still great for Race or wet practice laps. £180

Price mixed Location Argyll
Contact NEIL email buddyahsoka@live.com
Tel   Mob   Fax  

125cc Rotax Minimax Kart 99% New parts & extras **Christmas* Expires: 20/02/2018
PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS - so much included. - Kart stored in Argyll area

125cc Rotax Minimax Kart 99% NEW Parts + lots of extras - Great for racing competitively or whacking around Crail cheaply and just for the fun of it! With so many extras included youll be able to start with very little to buy.

This is a perfect setup for new karter OF ANY AGE (see below) or a child over 11yrs old / Honda Driver moving up.

This is an Adult sized Max series race kart that has been setup for a smaller driver to race in the 125cc Minimax engine restricted to 60mph class. (Adults can de restrict the engine and change the pedals and seating position or keep the engine as it is, its very quick.)

This is a kart package with the 125cc engine and lots of spares (however no digital speedo / Mychron)

Tyres in the picture are a used set of wets used simply for transporting the kart around.

Kart comes with:

1) Strong Race spec 125cc engine with highly sought after ZZ cylinder and brand new unused fitted radiator. (Last serviced by SHOX in Fife) engine was run in after service but then my son got ill and it was only run a few times to keep the engine fresh. (Boxed indoors)

2) New brakes and pads fitted and run in. (see pics)
3) Brake cylinder and caliper changed
4) Recently new Tillet seat with a few positions pre set for weight shifting.
5) Lead weights (for racing as required)
6) Mixed axles Medium soft, medium and hard
7) recent new bumper (marked from lifting onto trolleys but recent change)
8) massive selection of gears for racing
9) Original red side pods and front bumper etc as spares
10) Fantastic race exhaust works perfectly with upgraded engine.
11) wet weather wheels (fitted) and dry weather wheels (in bag)
12) Battery
13 Race Carb
14) Multiple bags of used tyres perfect for practice or fun around the tracks with hundreds of laps of life still available. Always stored inside to keep them in top condition. **No use for racing though. **
15) New bearings fitted
16) spare chains of differing lengths
17) other spares if I find them

This is not a new kart as the chassis is a 2012 TG14 older (stronger) model, however the other 99% bolted to it is either brand new or very recently changed. The chassis is a very tough Gillard chassis with a few scuffs and marks from the engine components and moving around etc, it is however solid, totally straight and exceptional on track. The plastics are also relitively new with a smart new sticker kit (we can give you the details of the printers if you fancy new colours etc) One side pod was damaged by another kart and has been split, its gone on the seam so still useable and has the karters magic black tape repair to keep it race legal. (It passed all race scrutineering)

This is the perfect kart package for someone looking to start karting or moving up a class as weve spared no expense. As Ive previously stated 99% of this kart is either new or almost new.

We had hoped our son could continue / go back to karting however hes become too ill to carry on and so seeing the kart is now just a big reminder that he cannot do what he loves.
This is being sold very cheaply to sell it for this reason, so please dont call or message me with daft offers. Its worth every penny and a whole lot more and a quick search of any karting store will show you just that.
If you want to get into karting or know someone who does, this is great either as it is or to switch over to whichever setup you need, saving you hundreds of pounds in the process.

Any questions please get in touch


Price 950 Location Argyll
Contact NEIL email buddyahsoka@live.com
Tel 07830149593 Mob   Fax  

Lewis Hamilton Steering Wheel Expires: 20/02/2018
Brand new and unused, replaced with mychron 4 when new, never seen a single lap, won’t be many of these about  
Price 150 Location Dundee
Contact Neill email neill.sinclair@btinternet.com
Tel 01828650242 Mob 07818047484 Fax  

Spares Expires: 17/02/2018
Tyre tongs + bead breaker -£60
4 wheeled kart stand -£80
1 new set komet wet tyres -£60
2 used set komet wets - £40 a set
1 new set komet slicks -£50
3used set komet slicks - £10 a set
Price . Location Edinburgh
Contact Iain email Iain.mason13@hotmail.com
Tel 07769157113 Mob   Fax  

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