Pediatric Orthopedics: Aid For A Childhood Injury

A child born with Downs Syndrome or Erb’s palsy, bowed legs or a clubfoot, has been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis or scoliosis will need the guidance, assistance and skill for treatment by a doctor trained in the field of pediatric orthopedics. Spina bifida, hip dysplasia, congenital deformities of the feet, hands, upper or lower extremities are additional reasons a child would require the attention of a pediatric orthopedics specialist.

With childhood comes the participation in any number of athletic activities: some of the most popular being: gymnastics, figure skating, skiing, hockey, tennis, inline skating, baseball, basketball, soccer and football.

Then there are the simple pleasures of childhood most every child will participate in at one time or another including, playing on the playground equipment, physical education in school, sledding, swimming, climbing trees, riding a bike and surfing.

These are just a few of the creative and potentially injury prone every day activities that children naturally gravitate toward to amuse themselves. And just one of these endeavors can lead to an injury that might affect the child’s growth plate and cause issues in the future years.

There is more to pediatric orthopedics than assisting with a physical handicap or a fractured bone, as aid given to a patient can involve the training and skill needed to reattach a limb and the therapy required to help the young patient regain partial or full ορθοπεδικά είδη mobility to that limb.

The freedom to play, rough house, explore, develop a sense of balance by climbing a tree or maneuvering the length of one that has fallen across a creek, scaling a fence or leaping over one, riding a bike down a dirt hill or jumping one over a ramp – whatever the simple joy is for any particular child, at some point an injury will occur, and that may lead to a fracture of the elbow, forearm or thighbone. Growing bones, joints and muscles require special observation and treatment, whether that means a brace, splint or cast, as well as physical therapy can only be determined by a doctor trained in pediatric orthopedics.

This field of medicine is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children born with Downs Syndrome, Erb’s palsy, scoliosis, and any number of other congenital birth defects. The doctors are highly skilled and trained to provide treatment